A Punk that only appears in kotomi History in the Manga .

When Junta tries to cure to kotomi of its

Tetsuo in the Manga

problem they find with tetsuo and its friend who quickly strikes Junta and tries to take advantage kotomi the one that hopelessly attempt to hold but because tetsuo was fingering she cant hold anymore and shot a flatulence in tetsuo's nose. Then Junta appears and he punch both punks and  teletransport both just to him nail in the ass.He later try to take revenge of Junta & Kotomi



Manga Volumen


Manga Chapter


Censorship Edit

during the international release of the manga (in united states) the panel where tetsuo try to rape kotomi are edited

where are a few examples:


In the Original Tetsuo pull and reveals Kotomi's Ass


In the original kotomi ass is exposed when she shoot a flatulence on testuo nose's


In the original the Punk's face is buried by Kotomi's Chest


In the original kotomi is with her butt revealed and testuo start to fingering

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